Fitness Evaluation with Driven

Start your road with fitness with a Driven personal trainer.  We strive to make sure each client receives a customized training plan. Create the right game plan with our team. We begin our fitness tracking method that includes:

Prior to consultation consider these options from Program Menu:

Slim & Fit – Focus: Weight loss and improve fitness level

Lean & Strong – Focus: Definition, increase strength, and endurance

Tone & Tighten Focus: Improve body’s balance and restore contours

Build & Grow Focus: Increase power and lean muscle

Goal & Function Focus: Stability & Mobility for goal.

FREE 15 Minute Stretch with Driven

Sports Therapy can include a variety of stretching and a mix massage modalities to reduce muscle fatigue, and soreness after workout, increase muscle and fascia elasticity and improve circulation, increase the joint’s range of motion safely. This appointment will also include a recovery program recommendation on which areas  of your wellness program may need additional attention to help you restore your physical balance.  Athletic Stretching is also available with trainers & massage therapists see below types:




Our personal trainer, recovery zone massage therapy, and athletic stretching programs are available in the Channelside Area of Tampa.  Also coming soon wellness appointments for Tampa Chiropractic services and more.

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