Staff Bios

Luis Echeverry

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • AirForce Veteran, Airforce Physical Training Leader & Security Forces Specialist, Ten Years of Service
  • Experience 18 years
  • Specialties; restorative exercise, body sculpting-firming-toning routines, weight loss programs, military/job specific readiness and creative freestyle workouts “make the once dreadful have to,  a ritual you don’t want to miss”

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Marco Echeverry

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Cycling Instructor
  • Experience 8 years
  • Specialties; muscle building routines, high intensity interval workouts, sports conditioning, model and bikini programs, and family fitness sessions “bring your kids to your session have them join you”

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Dr. Sarah Sponaugle

  • Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Experience in wellness industry over 10 years, as Dr. Sarah was a dancer and knows the demands placed on the body as an athlete and the importance of recovery.   She was inspired to follow this path of wellness after a car accident and became a witness of the great benefits of chiropractic care and wellness at South Tampa Chiropractic with Dr. Tom Aguero.
  • Specialties; chiropractic manipulative therapy, acupuncture, active release technique, cupping, physical therapy, McKenzie therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization like graston, nutrition awareness and more

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Mary Etheridge

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Experience 8 years
  • Specialties; Injury prevention education, range of motion, bamboo massage, migraines, TMJ,  athletic stretching, beginner fitness routines, 5 k ready training, express split sessions (30 min personal training + 30 min massage recovery)

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Alex Sponaugle

  • Office Coordinator and concierge
  • Corporate wellness, adventure group
  • Specialties; Hospitality, scheduling, billing, client profile records, events

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About Driven

History: Driven Fit was Born in 2008 and raised in Tampa.

Without the team concept, Driven does not exist. we are a family of Tampa personal trainers and massage therapists passionate about giving 100% to our client’s needs. Since our start, we have focused on building a program that allows each participant to progress in a manner that is safe and effective while providing alternatives to help with rejuvenating the body with programs like massage therapy and restorative exercise. Our goal is not to break you down, but to build you up.  From beginner to advanced, we can help you reach the best shape of your life as well as maintain and improve your current health.

For over 8 years this family of experienced, energetic and successful personal fitness trainers and massage therapists have been helping the Tampa community and all types of clients reach higher levels of fitness and health. Clients ranging from adolescents, college students, athletes, seniors, corporate executives, and the busy working class individual.

Main Services provided in Tampa :

Driven’s vision is to provide the best Tampa personal training, health & fitness experience. Being the best means providing a unique challenge, inspiring change, and maintaining team camaraderie. Our company’s combination of building and allowing recovery through personal training,  massage therapy, and lifestyle services creates a synergistic pathway to making optimal health attainable.  No matter who you are, or where you are starting from, Team Driven will provide you with a game plan that is customized and tailored to your needs. – Team Driven

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