Fitness Evaluations

Fitness Evaluations include body fat testing, body measurements, and a comprehensive series of preliminary tests to help clients gauge where they should start their fitness journey.  Every fitness evaluation includes a basic preliminary health screening.


Functional Mobility Assessment

Functional and movement assessments are one of the best ways to gain an understanding of what to address with a client’s resistance and flexibility-training program. Performing various assessments can help you identify any compensation that causes the client to deviate from proper postural or movement mechanics. If a client presents a deviation, there are likely muscular imbalances (tight or weak muscle or muscle group) present and you can use that information to select exercises that will address them. While some deviations stem from factors that cannot be corrected through training, it is still helpful to be aware of these deviations.

Nutritional Awareness Review

We offer the added accountability factor that can be incorporated with nutrition program you are currently following with our weekly check-in’s and scheduled fitness evaluations used to track results. We encourage clients to use a nutritional program that works easy for them while enrolled in any of our exercise programs. We can also make suggestions to visiting local professionals we trust to give nutritionally sound advice or that can provide meal preparation in advance that will be synergistic with your new lifestyle program.

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