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How Running Can Boost Your Mood

How Running Can Boost Your Mood

Does your mood need a boost? Start running! Not only does this cardiovascular exercise help maintain a healthy weight and provide other physical benefits, but it can also have a

The Importance of Water and Your Diet

Importance of Water and Your Diet

We all want in on any tips and tricks to losing weight and keeping it off, but is drinking water really one of them?? The short answer? Yes and no.

Tips for Exercising in Extreme Heat

Tips for Exercising in the Extreme Heat from Driven Fit

Man, it’s steamy out there! Now is a good time to review how to stay fit and safe while exercising in the extreme Florida heat. This way, you can maintain

Dietary Fiber: Why It’s Important

Dietary Fiber for Healthy Eating from Driven Fit Personal Training Tampa

Like most Americans, you are probably not getting enough of a dietary essential that bulks up your stool and makes it easier for your body to eliminate waste. You guessed

Tips for Improving Your Squat

Improve Your Squat with Driven Tampa Personal Training

The squat…while it may seem like a simple move, it’s actually a very technical exercise that takes time and effort to perfect. But trust us, it’ll be worth it because

Training Through Lower Back Pain

Tampa Personal Training through Lower Back Pain with Driven Fit

No pain, no gain. Unfortunately, it’s all part of the training process, especially when it comes to lower back pain. But in no way, should this dysfunction keep you away

A Life-Changing Way to Motivate Yourself

Motivation Techniques from Tampa Personal Training Gym Driven

Not everyone is self-motivated. In fact, a lot of us (yes, ourselves included) need a kick in the butt to consistently hit the gym. Yet, if you think about it,

Top 10 Healthy Breakfasts to Eat Before a Morning Workout

Top 10 Healthy Breakfasts to Eat Before a Morning Workout

Choosing a pre-morning workout breakfast can be challenging. Not only does it need to be easy and convenient, but it also needs to be energizing, light, and should account for

Reasons to Visit a Tampa Chiropractor

Tampa Chiropractor

Millions of people who suffer from a wide range of ailments would benefit greatly from chiropractic care – a safe and effective form of therapy that focuses on the body’s

How are you Doing with your 2022 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

South Tampa Personal Training

You made your New Year’s fitness resolutions! You are ready to finally lose those extra LBs you put on from the holiday festivities. Fortunately,  a new year is a perfect


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