Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

January 22nd, 2021

Sleep is essential at any age. Period. It powers the mind, restores the body, and fortifies virtually every system in our body. Unfortunately, for many of us, sleep doesn’t always come by so easily. So how much sleep do we really need to get these benefits? The wellness experts at Driven Fit + SWS weigh in…


The Amount of Recommended Sleep


According to the National Sleep Foundation guidelines, the recommended amount of sleep per night for healthy individuals should be:


  • 14 to 17 hours for newborns
  • 12 to 15 hours for infants
  • 11 to 14 hours for toddlers
  • 9 to 11 hours for school-age children
  • 7 to 9 hours for adults
  • 7 to 8 hours for adults over the age of 65 


While there are guidelines for how much sleep a ‘healthy’ individual should get, of course, that ideal amount of sleep can vary from person to person. This is why the guidelines list a range of hours. 

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The Amount of Sleep You Need


To determine how much sleep you need, certain factors must be taken into account including overall health, daily activities, and your typical sleep patterns. 



Think you may need to catch more ZZZ’s? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you noticed that you require more hours of sleep to be more productive? 
  • Do you have health issues or at high risk for any disease?
  • Do you have a high level of energy you need for each day, i.e. playing sports, working in a labor-intensive job?
  • Do your daily activities require alertness to perform them safely, i.e. driving for work, operating heavy machinery? 
  • Are you currently experiencing or have a history of sleeping issues?
  • Are you dependent on caffeine to get you through the day?
  • When you have a day off, do you sleep more than you normally would?


If you’ve answered “Yes,” to any of these questions, you need more sleep! If you’re a parent, the same applies to your children! 



How to Improve Your Sleep


The first step to improving sleep is knowing how much sleep you need (scroll back up for a refresher). The next step is realizing your individual needs based on your activity level and overall health.



Here are tips to snooze more and get better sleep each night:


  • Make sleep a priority in your schedule. 
  • Stick to the same sleep schedule, even on your days off. 
  • Practice a relaxing pre-bedtime routine to make going to sleep easier. 
  • Update your bedding including the mattress, pillows, and bedding. 
  • Disconnect from all (yes, all) electronic devices for at least a half-hour before bed. 
  • Carefully monitor your caffeine and alcohol intake throughout the day and avoid consuming them within hours of going to bed. 

It is important to keep in mind that sleep quality is just as essential as how many hours you sleep! It is very possible to get the recommended hours of sleep you need but to still not feel refreshed because your sleep was fragmented or non-restorative. 


Restore Your Body


You need to take time to relax, unwind, and recharge – a solid night’s sleep can help you do just that. 


Make the most of your time awake. At Driven Fit, we believe every day is a gift. Ready to start a journey towards total body restoration and rejuvenation? Call/text our South Tampa fitness and wellness studio at (813) 440-3016

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