Should I Get a Massage or Visit a Chiropractor?

Tampa Massage or Tampa Chiropractor

Are you feeling tense, experiencing discomfort, or simply looking to enhance your overall wellness? You might be wondering, “Should I get a Tampa massage or go to the Tampa chiropractor?”

The New You in 22’ Starts with a Massage!

Tampa Massage in the New Year at Driven

Goodbye 2021, and hello 2022! As we ring in a new year, we welcome the opportunity for a fresh start and a time to make positive changes in our lives.

All About Sports Recovery Massages

Tampa Sports Recovery Massages

You train, you perform, and you hurt. And while there is some truth to “No pain, no gain,” you shouldn’t have to suffer. That is where sports recovery massage therapy

Have a Healthy Spine: Why Stretching is SO Important

back spine stretch trainer Kim drivenfit

At Driven Fit + SWS, we believe that keeping your spine healthy is a major part of the recovery process. That is why you will never leave our gym without

Is Cupping Safe?

Cupping Therapy in Tampa FL Driven SWS

At DrivenFit + SWS, we pride ourselves on offering the best treatments to promote rejuvenation and restoration – one of which is cupping. While not as common as acupuncture, cupping

Give the Gift of Massage

Be ready to have the most popular gift of the season, because it’s one of the best gifts you can ever give!   The countdown to Christmas is on! If

How We Treat the Pain: Trigger Point Therapy

Tampa Chiropractor Helps Achieve Fitness Goals

From time to time, you may get those mysterious, weird knots in your neck, shoulders, and/or back that seem to show up out of nowhere. These are called trigger points

Acupuncture with Chronic Stiff Neck

Suffering from chronic stiff neck? You’re not alone! In fact, at Driven Fit +SWS, we often treat this common condition through acupuncture – an age-old form of Chinese medicine which

How Acupuncture Can Help Infertility

Tampa acupuncturist science behind acupuncture

Acupuncture has been long proven by several scientific studies to be one of the most viable and effective alternative methods for overall well-being and healing. It is used to treat

Is There Anything to Do to Prepare for a Deep Tissue Massage?

Sports Massage benefits South Tampa Driven Fit

Deep tissue massage…yes, please! With this type of massage, you get relaxation, relief, and recovery as just a few benefits. At Driven Fit, we want you to enhance the experience even further – it’s all about what


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