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Can I Exercise with Disc Herniation?

Man exercising with disk herniation DrivenFit

Between each vertebra joint we have discs, membranous structures acting as shock-absorbers. As we age, discs get worn out and lose elasticity which can sometimes lead to tears or cracks

Is It Time for New Sneakers?

New sneakers DrivenFit Tampa Workout

Here’s the deal: working out in old or worn-out sneakers isn’t just uncomfortable it can also cause injuries! Over time, your shoes start to lose absorption, cushioning, and stability. Working

4.5 Ways to Trick Yourself into a more Intense Workout

Ways to Trick Yourself into a more Intense Workout Driven Fit Tampa FL

Fitness is certainly a mental game! If you believe it, trust us, you can achieve it. Sometimes we can all use a little trick to make us push harder. Fall

Sports Massage Benefits

Sports Massage benefits South Tampa Driven Fit

Think you are getting a relaxing spa treatment when you get a sports massage? Think again. While it is relaxing, sports massage is a detailed, focused, anatomically specific massage that

Dynamic Pyramid Training for Lean Muscles

Pyramid Training Lean Muscles DrivenFit Tampa Personal Training

One of the most effective ways to build lean muscle is with pyramid training. You can make it your own by including your favorite exercises. It’s best to focus on

Tabata vs. HIIT: What’s the Difference?

Rowing Tabata HIIT Workout Differences Driven Fit

One of the questions we get asked all the time is about Tabata vs. HIIT, “What is the difference and which one is the better workout?” The simple answer is

Are You Chasing the Sweat?

Chasing the Sweat Workout Driven Fit Center Tampa

How many of you expect to be drenched in sweat by the end of a workout ?  Is this really necessary though? …Absolutely not. Your workouts should not be gauged

Trainer Tips

Personal Trainer Tips Driven Fit Wellness South Tampa

Still haven’t tackled that New Year’s resolution to exercise regularly and to live a healthier lifestyle?Okay, so you procrastinated but it’s not too late to get started! Fortunately, there are

Falling Off Track and The Come Back

transformation rowing exercise Driven Fit

In life, especially for those of us with some years under our belts (if you’re under 25, you aren’t there yet), it can be easy to fall off the track

New “South Tampa” Personal Training & Wellness Studio

Infrared Body Scanner for Trainers and Chiropractors

THE #1 RATED PROFESSIONAL 3D BODY SCANNER IN THE WORLD STYKU available at Driven + SWS   As Driven has mentioned a new personal training & wellness studio takes shape and opens


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