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Fit Exercise Into Your Routine – Even When You’re Busy!

Don’t bail on your dream to get and stay fit!  New Years’ or no, there are NO EXCUSES. Even, if there’s “no time.” Eating a healthy diet is great, but

Torch Fat and Build Strength with Kettlebells

Kettlebells…these cannonball-type weights have become an extremely popular strength training alternative to traditional barbells, dumbbells, and resistance machines. And it’s no wonder! Working out with kettlebells offers a TON of

Lululemon Mirror: Pros and Cons

The Mirror Workouts Pros Cons DrivenFit SWS Tampa

“Connected fitness” has been growing in popularity for years. These fitness products involve streamed, on-demand virtual workouts and are branded to essentially handle everything a brick-and-mortar gym can. You’ve got

Why Have a Virtual Workout Party

virtual workout parties DrivenFit training

Think you can’t get motivated by working out virtually? Think again! Since we opened the doors to our South Tampa studio, virtual training has always been offered to our busy

Core Exercises to Make You a Better Runner

running race core exercises to set a PR DrivenFit Tampa

Are you looking to become a better runner, go longer distances, and hit that personal best? You got this! Here’s the thing. To improve your performance as a runner, you

ENDO Fitness Challenge

preparing fitness challenge drivenfit south tampa

Are you ready to step up your game?  It’s time to get motivated, get inspired by others, and conquer the obstacle that is the Driven Fit ENDO Fitness Challenge which

Power & Strength Training: Why You Need It

power training ropes exercise Driven Fit Gym Tampa

Power is the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movement. While it sounds simple, what you probably don’t know is that after the age of 30, we

Tips to Stay Focused When Working Out


Between juggling work, a social life, parenting, and carving out some “me time”, we know you’re BUSY…especially in today’s crazy world! To make the most of your day, every second

3D Body Scanning at DrivenFit

3D Body Scanner Fitness Goals DrivenFit

At DrivenFit, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the latest technological advances in fitness and total body wellness. We love our gadget, the Stkyu S100 3D Body Scanner! This

How to Protect Your Neck While Exercising

avoiding neck pain while exercising

Moved the wrong way while training and now your neck hurts? Ouch! Because the neck is a delicate region made up of complex bones and muscles, it is a hot


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