DrivenFit Challenges Tampa Bay

fitness challenge check in Driven Fit Tampa FL

Our open challenges provide accountability, motivation, camaraderie as well as *Client goal setting *Trainer feed back *Client expectations with checking in all activity *Shared recipes *Results revealed appointments *Community board

Tampa Bay Aquatics & Tampa Prep Virtual Bootcamp

During these times of COVID 19 Our company has decided to give back to those that have been restricted from their everyday routine to include daily exercise. We have selected

Stress: How Acupuncture Can Help

Woman getting Acupuncture to help with weight loss DrivenFit

Dealing with an extra dose of stress these days? You’re not alone. Between balancing work, homeschooling the kids, and other commitments, your stress levels are likely through the roof! What you

6 Probiotics You Should Add to Your Diet

Probiotics to add to your Healthy Diet Driven Fit Gym

Probiotics are essential for your digestive health. Did you know there are hundreds of other health benefits of consuming probiotic-rich foods? Adding probiotic foods can strengthen your immune system, improve digestion,

At Home Dynamic Stretches

Best corporate wellness tampa

We are big fans of performing dynamic stretches before most workouts! This type of stretching involves active movements where joints and muscles go through a full range of motion and are used to warm

5 Can’t-Miss Cardio Moves for All Fitness Levels

Cardiovascular (aka Cardio) exercise is vital for good health. By making your blood pump faster cardio gets your heart rate up. Therefore, more oxygen is delivered throughout your body, keeping your heart and

8pm Tonight 3/20/20 DrivenFit Family Meeting – VIA ZOOM

Driven Fit Team of Personal Trainers

See below for logging in to this evenings meeting at 8pm 3/20/20 via zoom on being 100% virtual, all you need to do: 1st Download zoom app here: 2nd

Virtual Personal Training – A Counter Punch by DrivenFit20

Virtual Training Video DrivenFit Tampa

To all our DrivenFit Family While some can afford to take the next few weeks off their regular routines with exercise, there are others that simply cannot – for health


AVOID RISKS, TAKE PRECAUTIONS, AND WASH YOUR HANDS. COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. That’s why we want to assure our private members that we are taking appropriate preventive measures as

Is the Vegan Diet the Only Diet to Reach Supreme Health?

Two Trays of Vegan Food is it the best diet

Going vegan seems to be the hot new diet trend in today’s diet world. Celebrities are constantly singing its praise, claiming that veganism is the answer to becoming instantly slim,

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