Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage for Your Employees

February 20th, 2020

There are many reasons why corporate chair massage is an increasingly popular trend in today’s workplace. No longer is massage just a relaxing treat, studies show that it can make a significant difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health. Whether offered on a regular basis, during “crunch” time situations or as an employee appreciation treat, corporate chair massage is a great addition to any corporate wellness benefits package. Learn more…

What is Corporate Chair Massage?

Corporate chair massage is an onsite massage therapy program that eliminates the need to travel to a massage clinic or spa and is offered at a fraction of the cost of regular massage. While most sessions last just 15 to 20 minutes, its benefits are similar to that of a full body massage.

The Many Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage…

Stress Relief.

Did you know that Job stress and related problems cost companies an estimated $200 billion or more annually? Studies show that corporate chair massage therapy results in 85% less stress at the workplace – resulting in reduced stress-related issues such as employee turnover, absenteeism and waning morale. In addition, relaxed employees are more likely to cooperate with each other which hostility and provides a more optimal work environment.

Improved Productivity.

Even a quick chair massage can significantly improve employee problem-solving abilities. A recent American Psychologist study gave one group of employees a 15-minute rest and another group a 15-minute chair massage. The massage group performed significantly better on complicated tasks and showed more alertness, focus and mental clarity than the group who rested. In addition, corporate chair massage therapy allows employees to focus on their jobs rather than get distracted by headaches, back pain, and anxiety.

Healthy Employees.

A healthy employee is a happy employee! Corporate chair massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches especially in painful areas of the neck and back and increase immune function. In addition, massage has been known to prevent and treat the pain and numbness associated with excessive keyboard and mouse use and reduces the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by 37%. Because of the increased health benefits, employers experience lower worker compensation claims and reduced employee healthcare costs.

Improved Office Morale:

Employees love chair massage therapy and it shows! We hear time and time again how much people look forward to “massage day” at work. Not only that, it is a special perk that helps them feel appreciated. This not only creates a happy work environment but also lowers costly turnovers.

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