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December 29th, 2017

2018 New Years Challenge Driven SWS


It’s that time of year again, and among the list of resolutions – Fitness is among the top ten with being the most desired improvement, change, and or sacrifice many are willing to try especially after the holiday season.


Choosing what to focus your energy on with other resolutions can cause problems.  Even as trainers we even find it difficult, and sometimes almost impossible to keep myself accountable or focused.

Motivation and Excitement  

Our training team invests in training for races, events as well as training with other coaches and other studios to have a goal in mind as well as being held accountable to appointments.  Here’s a list of our resources to keep us on target throughout the year.

Coaches we train with throughout the year:

*Billy Quarantillo – Martial Arts

*Paul Simpson – Boxing

*Victor Munoz “Our Mentor”- Weightlifting techniques and strategy (online and in person)

*Driven coaches will also book with one another to keep one another accountable

Yearly races we train for:

*Miles for Moffitt

*Halloween Halfathon

*Gaspirilla 5k and half

*St Jude Triathlon

*And many other challenges that may arise throughout the year

Accept the Challenge without Fear of Losing

Our #1 recommendation is always investing in a way that the action is motivated. Don’t be scared to tie a certain level of results to an agreed expectation.

Driven’s New Years Challenge for 2018 starts January 10th

It just made sense to start a little after the 1st of the new year so that everyone that decides to do the challenge has time to do the following:

*Prepare nutrition game plan and go food shopping

*Organize training schedule and regimen

*Re-acclimate into work schedule after holiday break

New Years Challenge Details 2018 Driven Fit Tampa

For More Details on how to sign up for our 2018 New Years Challenge submit the form below:


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