Revamp Your Run: How to Improve Your Running Stride

August 30th, 2023

Today, our Tampa personal running coach, Luis, is diving into running mechanics- specifically, your running stride. Understanding and improving your stride can boost your running efficiency, reduce time, and make running more enjoyable.

Understanding the Running Stride

A running stride, or gait, encompasses the motion of your legs as you run, which includes the rhythm, length, and force of your steps. It’s a crucial aspect that directly affects your running efficiency and speed.

What Does an Ideal Stride Look Like?

An ideal stride typically includes a slight forward lean, a relaxed upper body, and a foot landing directly under your center of gravity. It feels natural, efficient, and fluid. However, remember that an “ideal” stride can vary from person to person due to differences in body structure.

Should You Always Think About Your Stride?

Whether you’re a casual jogger or an aspiring marathon runner, understanding your stride can be beneficial. Focusing on your stride can enhance efficiency and reduce injury risk as you progress and set higher running goals.

Benefits of Improving Your Stride

Improving your stride can enhance your running efficiency, help you run faster, reduce injury risk, and make running more enjoyable.

Tips for Improving Your Stride

  1. Run Tall and Lean Forward Slightly: This posture helps engage the right muscles and enables gravity to assist your forward momentum.
  2. Land Under Your Center of Gravity: Avoid overstriding and try to ensure your foot lands under your body. This reduces braking forces and makes your stride more efficient.
  3. Increase Cadence: Aim for a cadence (steps per minute) of 170-180. A higher cadence usually results in a shorter, more efficient stride and less impact on your joints.
  4. Strengthen Your Core and Lower Body: Stronger muscles, especially in your core and lower body, can help you maintain good form and promote a better stride.
  5. Relax: Tension in your upper body can impact your stride. Keep your arms and shoulders relaxed to maintain a smooth running motion.

Remember, changes to your stride should be gradual to avoid injury. Incorporate these tips into your routine, and you may find your runs becoming more enjoyable and efficient.  Are you looking for more one one-on-one from our Tampa running coach? Contact us today!

Until next time, stay driven and enjoy your run!

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