Sports Massage Benefits

October 9th, 2019

Think you are getting a relaxing spa treatment when you get a sports massage? Think again. While it is relaxing, sports massage is a detailed, focused, anatomically specific massage that targets and corrects an athlete’s physical issues. Sports massage focuses on tissue and muscle health, balance, proper posture, and range of motion. This type of massage therapy is a viable form of medicine, which is especially beneficial for all athletes, from elite to enthusiast.

Sports Massage for Muscles

A 2016 study not only found that sports massage therapy increases the range of motion in muscles and decreases recovery time between workouts; it also causes muscles to enlarge and grow new mitochondria (the cells’ powerhouse and what converts nutrients into useful energy). When mitochondria production increases, endurance performance improves. Talk about winning!

Sports Massage for Injuries

One of the biggest benefits of sports massage is it’s great for treating and preventing injuries. It allows muscles to return to their relaxed state – a major component in recovery. Most athletes get a massage after an intense workout; however, it can also be administered before conditioning training and after a warm-up session.

Make sure to speak with your personal trainer to learn how sports massage can impact your training!

Other Benefits of Sports Massage

Of course, your muscles will benefit from sports massage. You’ll notice increased blood flow, less muscle pain and tension, and better connective tissue healing and muscle elasticity.

This form of therapy also offers plenty of physiological and psychological benefits as well. Sports massage therapy has been known to:

  • Reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Reduce recovery time after an injury
  • Lower anxiety to improve your mood
  • Stabilize cortisol levels
  • Improve muscle flexibility (helps with preventing injury)
  • Improve the quality of sleep

Get a Sports Massage in Tampa, FL

At DrivenFit+ SWS, we provide an intensive program that focuses on body transformation, rejuvenation, and restoration. How? By focusing on your entire body through customized personal training, massage therapy, and chiropractic care.

If you would like more information on our South Tampa wellness studio, please call or text (813) 440-3016.

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