Training for Triathlon: Indoor Meets Outdoor Workouts

July 11th, 2019

Ready to crush that personal record?

When it comes to triathlons you’ve got to have the competitive edge both mentally & physically. Triathlon training is an endurance game, and a dedicated plan is necessary to perform at your best when race day arrives. When you train for a triathlon, outdoor training is ideal, but indoor training is needed too – and may be the only option when the temperatures skyrocket here in Tampa. Your training is a balance so we’re sharing how to make the most of your training indoors.

The advantage of training in the gym is a more precise workout – no rain, wind, or sand that makes each outdoor session unique. However, precision can lead to issues such as overuse of specific muscles, which can cause tight areas and imbalances. Combining certain strength and flexibility exercises will help prevent these issues from arising and make indoor training season productive.

Taking Triathlon Training Indoors


You don’t need to be in the water to be prepared for the water! We recommend you focus the bulk of your workout on the core. Swimmers need core strength; Bosu planks, balance work on the TRX, or just hitting the mat for planks will do the trick. From there, to work your shoulders and back muscles, hop on the rowing machine. Alternate with jump squats for a nice circuit.

Working your chest while training in the gym is also key for swimming training. Work with your trainer on bench presses and using the lat pulldown machine.


Yes, you can get out and ride basically any day of the week, but there are times that you can’t hit the road. The worst thing you can do when training for long, endurance rides is ride the bike for an hour.

Besides a stationary bike lacks side-to-side movement, pedaling in a fixed position, and the lack of position shift when climbing a hill. When riding outside, you are pulling on the handlebars, engaging your core and shifting your hips with the turns and obstacles. These specific movements are hard to replicate indoors.


Improve your strength in the muscles used on the bike with machines and light bodyweight exercises. We recommend deadlifts, lunges, and squats with weights to really work your hamstrings, glutes, and back. For the machines, leg press and hamstring curls are a great strength building circuit.

Nothing replaces actual riding. But these in the gym exercises will help build strength and endurance, which should make cycling easier come race day.


Driven + SWS in South Tampa offers it all—bodyweight strength workouts, cycling, and stair climber workouts. Learn more about our gym.



Sure, you can run on our magnetic resistance treadmill instead of running outside, for your miles, but we recommend you focus your indoor triathlon training on testing your endurance in other ways. A Tabata circuit work out (originally developed for Olympians) is a great option for you in between roads and trails. Try this!

General strengthening like squats and single-leg squats, weighted hip bridges, and skater lunges will work to strengthen your hips and glutes.

Don’t forget to stretch! You don’t want to overwork your hip muscles; make time for a cool down after.

Let’s Train

We love triathlons! It’s easy to use everyday gym equipment for triathlon prep. At Driven Fit, we believe in a combination of training and recovery that ultimately allows our clients to reach their personal goals – whether it’s to meet a PR or to take home the big prize. For more info on our South Tampa wellness studio, call or text (813) 440-3016.

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