Virtual Personal Training – A Counter Punch by DrivenFit20

March 18th, 2020

To all our DrivenFit Family

While some can afford to take the next few weeks off their regular routines with exercise, there are others that simply cannot – for health related reasons and otherwise.

We as a team will be providing all of our clients an alternative method of delivering personal training from a distance.

Virtual Sessions (Distance Personal Training) has been a part of our arsenal since our inception and has been used by our traveler clients,  and now it has come to be such an amazing support system during COVID-19.

These virtual private training sessions will feel as if your trainer is right beside you, giving you the motivation, new alternative exercise methods, and the encouragement you need to push pass those last few reps.  All you need is access to WhatsAPP and/or Skype which can be downloaded on any device.

To schedule a virtual (One-on-One) personal training session

 (click here to book).

Tampa Virtual Personal Training Driven Fit Team

Recommended Virtual Session Workout Kits:

1. Just yourself and a yoga mat

2. Basic Driven Workout Kit Click Here

3. Optimal Driven Workout Kit Click Here

4. Supreme Driven Workout Kit Click Here 

*Suggested- Bluetooth headphones for hearing instructions more clearly


For questions and inquiries please text or call 813-440-3016

To schedule a virtual (One-on-One) personal training session

(click here to book).


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