12 Week Fitness Challenge in Tampa – $500 Prize

November 4th, 2016

A New 12 Week Fitness Challenge by DRIVEN!

Be Ready Before the New Year and avoid the Holiday Blues

Prize: All clients have a shot at winning $500 and amazing results!

The Challenge Begins November 14th 2016.


We want to take the opportunity as the holidays unfold to challenge clients to reach their goals before spring time. We understand this is a fine line and touchy subject for some to try to promote healthy eating and exercise during the holidays, but we say why not inspire and challenge everyone as well as throw some money on the table!

Fitness Challenge Requirements:
1. Checking in daily to online training platform (Monday – Friday)

2. Track all workouts assigned on off days including weight, repitition, workout notes such as: workout was challenging, workout was easy, etc.

3. Track nutrition using myfitness pal, which will sync to our Driven online personal training platform

4. Video documentation once a week on Friday during challenge to say whatever you want! Just document a 1-3 minute video each week you are assigned a workout by trainer.

5. Introduce someone to the challenge and have them join you on your days not working out with Trainer. Inspire someone and give them the gift of health!  if they join you on the challenge there online training access to a plan will be free.

6.  Special note during the 12 weeks the above requirements are only for Monday through Friday.  If you like for your own accelarated results follow through with with the weekends.

*To join our fitness challenge request our online training platform free access for a friend or yourself by clicking here

To be eligible to be entered into $500 prize raffle at the end, you must complete all requirements for the duration of the challenge.

Happy Training! Team Driven

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