Benefits of Lower Body Fat

August 10th, 2022

At Driven Fit + Sponaugle, we want our clients to be challenged, inspired, and motivated to make long-term changes that lead to optimal health and well-being. For many, this journey starts with a healthy diet and fitness regimen that offers many benefits, one of which is reducing unwanted body fat.  We’ll take a minute to discuss why lower body fat is an important part of the body transformation process…

A healthy heart. A high percentage of body fat leads to clogged veins and arteries which makes it difficult for blood to flow freely. This means your heart must work twice as hard to keep your blood flowing and get oxygen and nutrients where they need to go! By lowering your body fat, you will take a lot of stress off your heart AND increase your energy levels (bonus!).

Less stress on your joints. It’s not rocket science. High body fat equals a heavier body weight which means adds a lot of unnecessary stress on your joints (ouch!). The other problem is that fatty foods lead to inflammation. By reducing your intake of high-fat foods, not only will you lower your body fat percentage, but you will also reduce inflammation.

A clearer complexion. Did you know that eating greasy, fried, high-fat content foods can lead to skin breakouts? Here’s why. All of the fat and oil that is digested has to be expelled in one way or another. Unfortunately, the skin is one of the “exits” which can lead to excessively oily skin and breakouts.

A leaner physique. Let’s be real. We all want to look good and feel our best and reducing body fat will help us achieve that goal. Plus, a well-defined physique will show off that amazing muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for!

A more positive and confident mindset. More often than not, vanity has a lot to do with how confident we feel, and the more confident we feel, the better mood we’re in. Through hard work and determination, you can reduce body fat to look and feel your best!

Get fit at Driven Fit + Sponaugle!

Are you ready to make a positive change in your diet and lifestyle? We can help! At Driven Fit + Sponaugle, we offer programs that focus on total body wellness through personal training, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. To learn more about the services offered at our South Tampa wellness studio, please call (813) 440-3016, or to book an appointment, please text (813) 576-1160.



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