Benefits of a Wellness-Focused Workplace Culture

November 17th, 2020

Americans work, and we work hard. In fact, a study by the International Labor Organization showed that 86% of American men and 67% percent of American women work more than 40 hours per week! 

Combine these crazy work hours with a smart-phone dependent culture and it’s no wonder why so many Americans struggle with weight issues. As a result, we’re seeing a rise in workplace wellness programs, and we LOVE it! Here’s why…


What is a Workplace Wellness Program?

Workplace wellness is an organized program initiated by a company for their employees (and sometimes the employees’ family members too!) in an effort to:


  • Reduce health risks.
  • Enhance personal effectiveness.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Benefit the organization’s bottom line.

Interested in creating a workplace wellness program for your company? Driven Fit + SWS can help! Call or text (813) 440-3016 to learn more about our corporate wellness programs


Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

From our experience, the most effective type of workplace wellness program is one that educates and encourages employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. There are five main benefits of establishing a wellness-focused workplace culture, which includes: 


Decreased Absenteeism

We believe success starts with showing up! Simply put, a healthy employee works more than an unhealthy employee. Corporate wellness programs have been shown to improve absenteeism by up to 80%! 


Reduced Stress

So many American employees spend time staring at a computer which results in neck, back, wrist, and arm fatigue. Many people don’t realize that this is a major contributor to workplace stress and fatigue! 

Through our corporate wellness programs at Driven Fit + SWS, we offer tips for proper ergonomics to reduce stress and muscle strain, as well as exercises and stretches for desk-bound employees. We also encourage regular exercise! According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, exercise can improve sleep, counter depression, and reduce stress.


Improved Work Performance

Recent studies show that companies who implement wellness programs into the workplace have a lower rate of turnover. 


Improved Teamwork

Camaraderie is such an important aspect of any workplace. Time and time again, we have witnessed the teamwork that has resulted from a Driven Fit + SWS corporate wellness program. Employees who exercise together get to know each other outside of the work environment and those enhanced relationships translate into:


  • better work performance, 
  • increased loyalty, 
  • and overall employee satisfaction.

A solid social support network helps build a corporate culture of cooperation!


Lowered Healthcare Costs

It should come as no surprise that healthy employees cost less than unhealthy employees. In fact, according to a recent study by the University of Michigan, employers who encourage fitness saved an average of: 

  • $1,100 per year for every employee who stops smoking
  • $1,200 per year on employees who lower their cholesterol levels from 240 mg to 190 mg 
  • $177 per year for each employee who loses 30 pounds or more


Healthcare industry experts estimate that 70 to 90% of healthcare spending is caused by problems associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices, i.e. poor nutrition, smoking, or lack of exercise – all of which can lead to chronic disease. This costs American businesses more than one trillion dollars in lost productivity each year! 


Create a Culture of Wellness

What drives your team? A wellness-focused workplace is a win-win for all parties involved! Increase your productivity and health with a Drive Fit + SWS corporate wellness program! 

Get more info on our corporate wellness programs, contact Team Driven Fit at (813) 440-3016 today!


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