Improving bottom line with Corporate Wellness

September 28th, 2016

Employee wellness benefits will boost morale and improve bottom line.  By selecting the right corporate wellness program owners,  managers, and teams will benefit not only physically but mentally.Corporate wellness chair massage

Finding the right program may be challenging especially since there isn’t a one size fits all. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, the company culture must be evaluated.  From advanced technology options like fitbit constantly tracking, and reminding individuals of daily activity accomplishments to just being able to have a break and a breath of fresh air for 20 minutes to meditate will work wonders for two separate personality types.

The simplest style can prove to be just as effective if followed from top to bottom level positions.  Setting the standards for everyone to see will inspire change across all departments especially with the right education and resources.

As a corporate wellness provider in Tampa Florida, Team Driven encourages businesses to build an environment of camaraderie.  Here are 3 simple ways companies can make a workplace excited about their wellness program vs forcing mandatory activities.

1. Designated Time for mind activities that aren’t work related.  Ping pong, darts, cards, board games, LEGO building.

2. 1-2 hours and have scheduled time frames for rotating team members to shut down to allow mind, and body rejuvenation.  examples;

  • Nap Pods
  • Massage Therapy (chair massage)
  • Restorative stretching & exercise classes for mobility

3. Wellness adventures off site: surfing lessons , bike exploration  , outdoor fit camps by sport theme or buddy pairing challenges.  example; Take a small group of employees from different departments offsite to do something fun away from their desks is a great way to boost morale. 

Personal Trainer Tampa, Luis Echeverry

Driven Health & Fitness Services, Tampa Florida

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Blog written by Luis Echeverry, Expert Personal Trainer Tampa, Corporate Wellness Provider, Business Consultant

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