Can I Exercise with Disc Herniation?

November 15th, 2019

Between each vertebra joint we have discs, membranous structures acting as shock-absorbers. As we age, discs get worn out and lose elasticity which can sometimes lead to tears or cracks in the outer layer. When a crack or tear occurs the inside gel-like layer is at risk to spill out of the outer layer with force, which is known as a disc herniation.

When disc herniation takes place, you may experience chronic low-back pain or shooting pains down the buttocks and back of your legs. Dealing with these aches may mean thoughts of resting, foregoing your workouts until you heal but do you have to?

Dealing with Disc Herniation

Many people have experienced disc herniation in their life. You will require some basic knowledge of the spine before attempting any exercise with a herniated disc. If done incorrectly it is not only painful but also dangerous.

At DrivenFit we have qualified trainers that can design a safe exercise program providing you with positive progress towards your goals. Contact us to schedule a pre-health screening session.

When can I start exercising again?

First, you should rest for 1-2 days to alleviate your pain from a herniated disc. However, your muscles need conditioning to aid in the recovery process. Therefore, you should not lie in bed for days without movement. You will reduce your pain by taking a proactive approach to recovery through physical activity. A common component of disc herniation treatment is exercise.

To prevent further injury and pain you can stabilize and strengthen your low back through restorative exercise. Before you can begin a restorative exercise program one of our certified personal trainers will take you through a functional mobility assessment.

Strengthening your muscles will help take the pressure off your spine by supporting your body weight and bones. Your first step to getting started with your wellness journey is to book your first free workout and fitness evaluation.

What kind of exercise is appropriate if I have a herniated disc?

Keep it simple with stretching and low impact exercise to effectively control your herniated disc pain. There is no need to lift heavy weights or endure intense cardio during your recovery time. Pilates and yoga can assist in relieving your low back and leg pain by improving your strength and flexibility. Exercises that work your back and abs can help stabilize your lumbar by addressing flexibility, posture, and strength.

Dependent on your specific situation other moderate activities like walking, swimming or biking may be an alternative option to help relieve disc herniation pain. Always talk to your physician first before you begin any exercise program.

Why should I exercise with a herniated disc?

Keep in mind that exercising with a herniated disc, if done correctly, can be safe and effective. It is a natural and drug-free way to treat the symptoms associated with a herniated disc. You and your certified fitness trainer at Driven can work together to design a program that will reduce your pain and stay consistent with your training.

In the end, proper exercise should relieve your pain from a herniated disc and help you feel better. To start your fitness road with a Driven personal trainer today call or text 813-440-3016!

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