Tampa Bay’s Billy Quarantillo prepares for UFC

December 11th, 2020

Preparing to Fight: Pay-per-view Battle Underway Saturday Night

Tampa’s own Billy Quarantillo is mentally and physically prepared for the pay-per-view finale this upcoming Saturday, December 12th, in Las Vegas. We’re proud to train him and help prepare him for all his fights.


Unlike some professional sports, the UFC has run non-stop during the Coronavirus pandemic. Capping a stunning 2020 with the final pay-per-view fight of the year this weekend. The UFC 256 gets underway Saturday night at the UFC Apex Center. The fight will start at 8 P.M. on ESPN 2.

Local fighter, Billy Quarantillo, will face fellow featherweight (145 lbs.) Gavin Tucker in the preliminary fight. This prelim fight on pay-per-view is great exposure for these featherweights trying to reach the main card fights. After much preparation at DrivenFit and with coaches, Quarantillo says he’s ready for one of the fights of his career.


“I was on the main card for the last two fight nights- which were great. But they weren’t the highest amount of exposure,” said Quarantillo in a recent video interview.

“Now I think I’ve kind of worked my way up. Now we’re fighting on the prelims of a pay-per-view, which is a big deal.”


While some UFC fighters only compete once or twice a year, this Saturday will be Quarantillo’s third since May 30th. The heavy training schedule is well worth it for the 32-year-old.


“Every time I win a fight, why not get back in there? I gotta climb up the rankings. This was the plan the whole time, and I’ve been able to execute it. I’m very blessed and fortunate to be in this position,” added Billy in the video chat.


Billy Quarantillo has an eight-fight winning streak on the line Saturday when UFC 256 airs. Currently, he is 15-2 overall, with a 3-0 record in the UFC. His competition, Gavin Tucker is 12-1, 3-1.


“It’s kind of a step up in terms of competition, I think that’s when I’m at my best, when I get higher level of competition. This training camp, I was really focused on- every session, I made it the best session possible, and really focused on a high-level opponent like Gavin.”


As his personal trainers, we’re proud to see his hustle and drive for every single workout session. His focus is what helps him to keep his winning attitude both in and out of the ring. Good luck, Billy, from all of us on Team Driven!



Photo Courtesy: USA Today


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