Healthy Holiday Smoothies

December 12th, 2020

Healthy Holiday Smoothies

Between the drinks, party bites, and desserts, the holidays can be an insanely difficult time of year to eat healthy, balanced meals! However, a great way to combat the rich foods and all-to-tempting desserts is to include healthy smoothies into your meal plan. 

Not only do smoothies provide crazy amounts of nutrition in one glass, but they also provide energy and help indulge the right way to curb the temptation to dig into that cookie platter!

Here we cover the best times of day to drink a smoothie and list our top five favorite smoothies for the holiday season. But you can incorporate smoothies into your regular diet all year round. Drink up these favorites from Team Driven! 


Best Times of Day to Drink a Smoothie

We’re often asked, “When is the best time to drink a smoothie?” While there’s really no wrong time to have a smoothie, our trainers know it depends on the ingredients that go into it!  

  • Post or Pre-Workout – Great for workout prep or post-workout fuel. Best when ingredients include superfoods and protein. 
  • Breakfast – Great for energy! Breakfast smoothies are best when the ingredients include protein, healthy fats, and carbs. 
  • Lunch – Ideal for a healthy meal replacement. Best when made with low calorie and highly nutritious ingredients such as veggies, healthy fats, and protein. 
  • Snack – Fulfills the need for minerals and amino acid! Best when ingredients include nuts or seeds. 


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Healthy Holiday Smoothies

Cardamom Pear Smoothie:

This vegan treat is just as satisfying as it is nourishing! A ripe pear is blended with cauliflower (sounds gross, but trust us), almond milk, dates, almond butter, vanilla, and cardamom resulting in a creamy, nutty, and just sweet enough smoothie that helps you get moving!

Chocolate Gingerbread Protein Smoothie: 

This protein-packed smoothie tastes like a cookie and is a great option for a pre-workout boost!


Chocolate Gingerbread Protein Smoothie: 

This protein-packed smoothie tastes like a cookie and is a great option for a pre-workout boost!

Fruit-Free Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie: 

Made with sweet potatoes, cauliflower, a scoop of vanilla collagen powder, maple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice, this smoothie covers the big three – paleo, keto, and gluten-free – and it’s delicious! 

Eggnog Smoothie:

Packed with protein! This classic, heavy holiday beverage turns into a healthy smoothie with the help of almond milk and banana. Thanks to the ground nutmeg and cloves, it tastes like the real deal. 

We can help you stay in shape throughout the holidays and fit all year long with the custom fitness programs offered at Driven Fit + SWS! Now is the time to have a total body & lifestyle transformation! 


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