Tips to Stay Driven & On Track During the Holidays

November 24th, 2020

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means a surge of sweet treats, boozy parties, and high-calorie, heavy meals! Even for the most disciplined, maintaining a normal diet and fitness regimen can be challenging. 

So, how do we get a grip on the holiday season?? Don’t worry the health and fitness experts at Driven Fit have tips to keep you on track while also enjoying the holidays!  


‘Tis the Season to Stay Driven

Even with virtual parties and events this year, you may still notice extra pounds when you step on the scale. Stay driven even during the season! Here’s how…


Maintain routine but be flexible. 

With the craziness of the holidays, it is important to maintain a normal routine while also being flexible. For example, if you miss a workout class due to an office party, adjust your schedule and wake up early the next day and take a different class. 

At Driven Fit + SWS, we offer flexible programs that work with your schedule! Call/text (813) 440-3016 to learn more!


Get enough sleep. 

Fun fact: lack of sleep changes the way your hunger hormones work. This can lead to mindless and increased eating! With the excess of food and sweets that are around during the holiday season, never is it more important to regulate your hunger and cravings. And it all starts with getting enough sleep!


Eat plenty of protein. 

Whether it’s a light snack or an entrée, make sure it includes a lean source of protein such as turkey, chicken, seafood, beans, or tofu. Not only do you burn calories digesting protein, but it will also help repair your muscles after a tough workout at Driven Fit.  


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Stay hydrated. 

This is so important during the holidays! Every day, try to drink half your body weight in ounces as this will help prevent headaches, hangovers, and keep you from overindulging in alcohol and food. You’ll also need to stay hydrated to keep up with a tough workout here at Driven or virtually! 


Stick to a daily meal plan. 

Each day take a moment to review your schedule and plan your meals accordingly. For example, if you’re going to an evening cocktail party that will have lots of booze and heavy foods, plan to have a healthy, yet substantial lunch and a light snack before the party. This will help curve any desire to hit the bad stuff. 

To keep portions in check, aim for half a plate of veggies, a quarter of protein, and a quarter of starch. Go one step further and use medium to small-sized plates. 


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Eat slowly and mindfully. 

Sit down while eating. By doing so, you will take smaller bites, chew your food more slowly, and enjoy the meal experience. Second, slow down and pace yourself by taking sips of water in between bites, cutting your food into small pieces, and talking to people while you eat. That’s the point of gathering right?!

Include activities at get-togethers.

When hanging with friends and family this holiday season, make it a point to include activities, games, and workouts that will help offset boozing and heavier meals. At Driven Fit, we’ve got a ton of group activities and events that will keep you busy both in person and virtually too!


Stay Fit Over the Holiday Season 

Don’t wait until the New Year to have a new you. Stay on track this holiday season, with Team Driven! We offer private, semi-private, and virtual training sessions as well as group classes and events.

Get started today at our Tampa fitness and wellness studio, call or text (813) 440-3016!


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