How Virtual Training Gets Results

May 12th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to take the “gym” inside their homes, but virtual training sessions have been a part of the Driven Fit model since our inceptionFor us, it was an opportunity to bring convenience and flexibility to our busy clients who travel. Today, it has allowed us to deliver effective, personalized one-on-one training while we practice social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Our philosophy is that no matter where our clients are, we can connect remotely and give a complete customized virtual personal training experience – one that WILL gets results! Learn all about the results you can get from Team Driven anywhere, not just at our gym in Tampa! 


 Virtual training sessions have been a  
part of the Driven Fit model since our inception. 


How Virtual Training Works at DrivenFit + SWS 

When you sign up for virtual training at Driven – whether it be one-on-one, a workout party, or class – you will experience the same workout as if you were in our studio.  

Here are some of the benefits to virtual personal training with Driven Fit 

Easy access. 

One-on-one customizable training or classes from your home (or anywhere in the world for that matter!) 

Minimal setup required. 

Seriously, all you need is yourself and a yoga mat. However, we can customize your workout based on the equipment you have at home.   

Realtime interaction with trainers. 

Trust us, we are not going to let you off easy. Our virtual training sessions will have the same intensity as if we were in the studio! 

Realtime form and technique analysis. 

Just as we would in person, we pay extra close attention to your form and technique to prevent injury and maximize your workout.  

Accountability and reviews on progress. 

Throughout your virtual training journey, your progress is tracked. If you are getting off track, we will adjust your sessions accordingly. On a more positive note, you will also know when you have met your goals.  

Access to the DrivenFit app. 

Our app includes 24-7 direct messaging with your trainer and more workout video content that you can do on your own time! The app also has guided help with your nutrition needs too allowing for a full lifestyle transformation! 

Will I Still See Results if I Train Virtually?   

Will I get the same results from my at-home virtual workout? Will I still be motivated to maintain my routineWith everything else going on, should I be focused on my training right now? The answer is, YES!  

At Driven Fit, we guarantee that your virtual training experience will be just as effective as if you were going to the gym. We’ve been doing this long before COVID-19 came into the picture and have a proven track record of success. Just ask our clients!  

All it takes is motivation and dedication. We will do our part, but you’ve got to do yours!  

Sign Up for Virtual Personal Training 

Virtual training works! You can still feel like you have your trainer right next to you! We’ll help guide you one-on-one so you maximize your results and keep your healthy lifestyle going.  

Become part of our fitness family! Contact us today to learn more about our virtual training sessions, workout parties, or classes, please call or text our South Tampa studio at (813) 440-3016! 

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