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October 6th, 2016

When it comes to getting results with Tampa personal training programs, it is of the utmost importance to track everything. When we say everything, we mean it. Tracking your workouts, nutrition, and sleep are the key to seeing transformations!

Tracking workouts are important because we can chart progress and see stagnancy. If you’re making progress little changes are needed to continue riding the train of gains. However, this doesn’t last for ever and eventually we will hit a stagnant patch or you’ll plateaued. This is where tracking helps the most! You’re an individual and you’ll need individualized changes to maximize your results. Tracking lets us see have weights gone up, have reps gone up? Where do you need changes to see one or the other occur? We can only make changes to optimize your results based on tracking.

 Fitness woman in training muscles of the back with dumbbells

Next, and maybe the most important portion to seeing your aesthetic changes, is nutrition. You need to fuel your body for your goal and earn your carbs through hard work! Remember the importance of quality food. What’s awesome about eating quality food is you typically get more quality too! I can eat a slice of bread or multiple cups of veggies, which will help keep me more full? Which is packed full of vitamins and minerals (naturally)? Everyone knows these answers, but unless you track we do not know why progress has stopped. Now, if you’re not sleeping or resting enough when can your body recover and utilize your hard work? Sleeping is the most underutilized tool for results. You’ve put in the hard work and consistency of tracking your workouts and nutrition, now you need to make sure you’re allowing your body the proper time to benefit.

We workout to build leaner stronger bodies and fortify this with our nutrition. However, if we do not afford our body the proper time to utilize those two huge proponents, we will not see the transformation we seek!Transformation comes not only from hard work and tracking but consistency day in and day out. If you’re only giving 80% you’ll only see 80%. Get your money’s worth and start working with Team Driven, we will hold you accountable and make sure you see the transformation you are seeking.


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Blog written by Ben Cockshott, Tampa personal trainer and functional & mobility training expert.

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