Virtual Reality isn’t the Future of exercise…yet..but until then…..

April 30th, 2018

Working out at Driven Fit + SWS Tampa TrainingVirtual Reality isn’t the future of exercise…yet…but until then, there’s the Keiser Functional Trainer.

When we found our new space, renovated it, and then had the opportunity to fill it with equipment, we knew it had to include one of these.

While cable machines with movable arms are a gym staple, this one is different in one key way: it has no stacked weights.

Instead of cables attached to variable-weight plates, resisted by gravity, the cable is attached to a tower where resistance is moderated using pneumatic air pressure.

This is a noteworthy improvement over traditional weights governed by gravity because the movement is very smooth, resistance is constant, and the shock load on joints and connective tissue is significantly lower.

From the user’s perspective…it just feels better. It’s smoother, less “bouncy,” and can be instantly made harder or easier with plus/minus buttons to control the air pressure. OH! And it counts reps too!! That is a handy feature which frankly we wonder why hasn’t come sooner.

The Keiser Functional Trainer is the evolution of a piece of equipment trainers and clients use everyday, and we love its modern, thoughtful features.

Try it out at our studio next time you’re in (if you haven’t already), and watch this space for more posts about unique equipment and innovations at Driven + SWS.  For more Info fill out this form below

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