Falling Off Track and The Come Back

April 30th, 2018

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In life, especially for those of us with some years under our belts (if you’re under 25, you aren’t there yet), it can be easy to fall off the track of living our best life, being kind and attentive to our bodies, and treating them as temples, especially with regard to food.

As personal trainers by vocation, we see this every day and work with clients to get them back on track. But we’re human too, and can fall prey to the rigors, temptations, and conveniences of life just like our clients.

Marco is a great example (and willing specimen) of what falling off the track looks like for a 32-year-old man, and what it takes to come back from the brink.

After Powerhouse Gym closed in the Channel District (along with our “shop-in-shop”), we had to scramble to create a plan B, which has led us to build Driven + SWS, our new studio on Swann Avenue in Hyde Park.

We’re thrilled to be settled again so we can focus on what matters (our clients!), but those months of disruption were frustrating, tiring, and everyone on the team worked long hours to make the new studio a reality.

“I was hitting up Chick-fil-A every night after we finished, ordering two meals and just being happy to fall in bed.

Basically, I wasn’t making time for food prep or for proper exercise, and was ignoring my body.

After some time, I told myself enough was enough!”  He reached out to his trainer and cousin Victor Munoz based out NYC for some motivation and direction for his come back.  Dont forget to look back the diet and training plan he followed for his transformation.

Marco started on a reasonable program of better tracking calories (and skipping fast food completely). He also upped his basic weightlifting principles in order to burn off some of the spare tire he’d acquired.  Most importantly he did not skip any necessary meals for his bodies replenishment process nor did he stray from the times he was instructed to eat by his cousin Victor Munoz.

Today, he has shed 30 lbs from the before picture you see, based on the same principles we recommend to our clients: pay more attention to your caloric intake and expend, adjust your training to suit your goal and stick to your plan even in moments of peer pressure or self-doubt.

Precisely understanding your starting position and regularly measuring progress will make the entire process better too.

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