Importance of Warm-Ups & Cardio at Driven + SWS

June 25th, 2018

How to properly do the Jacobs Ladder!
(jk, please DO NOT try this.. we are not liable for shenanigans that may result in injuries lol)
How not to use a Jacobs Ladder Driven Fit

Now that we have your attention, I hope you all are having a good week! So, I have found that some are missing out on their warm-ups at Driven + SWS lately and thought I’d share some info on why warm-ups are so important.

If you haven’t been able to get in your workout this week, just message us at 813-440-3016 to get scheduled or sign up for Saturday classes here, and try to implement these warm-ups for your next training session

What are Warm-ups and why are they important?

Warm-ups are exercises that are done before a training session to help increase the body’s core temperature and allow for the muscles to be more elastic and less stiff when starting an exercise routine.


Warm-ups should be done before training and to specific muscles that will be worked that day. They are important in bringing blood flow to the working muscles, which would allow oxygen levels to be increased within the muscles. This, in turn, can help improve the endurance within those muscles. Warm-ups also help dilate the blood vessels which would allow for there to be less resistance against blood flow and stress on the heart.

Here are a few warmups that can be done before a training session:

-Ski ERG 
-Resistance Band Y, I, T
-Frankenstein Walks
-High Knees
-Butt Kicks

What about cardio? Should cardio be done before or after training?

Based on the principles of specificity, I would recommend cardio post workout to elicit the best results in strength training and muscle building.

However, if your main goal is to run a marathon or train for an endurance sport/competition, then, cardio should be applied before and/or after a workout. Clearly there will always be a debate as to whether cardio should be done before or after a resistance training session, but, in my opinion, it all comes down to specificity and what your goals are and at what level of intensity you are doing the cardio.  If you are interested in getting a free first workout and evaluation simply click here to register and book online 

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