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May 30th, 2018

As we continue to work in front of our computers, walk less, drive more, and constantly at our phones the need for more mobility functional movement increases.

The importance of movement is top priority at the Driven + SWS Studio in Tampa Florida.  A functional warmup is a series of movements designed to increase your body temperature, activate the nervous system, increase range of motion, and correct limitations. The following functional warm up is designed to help prime the body for the upcoming workout.

Before starting your next workout try what we have gathered below and you will see a guaranteed increase in range of movement and decrease in pain with doing the the moves shown in videos below:

This whole series should take you between 10-15 minutes total.

Lay on the ground with your feet elevated on a box or bench at a 90-degree angle. Breathe in for four seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds, focusing your breath at the pelvis.

Use a foam roller to roll out your legs at the calf and IT band, then your thoracic spine. Concentrate on problem areas, and don’t shy away if you hit sore spots. Your legs and back will thank you later.

Get on all fours with your spine straight to start. Then, round your back and and bow your head. Lift your head and imagine a string being pulled down your spine, straightening yourself as it moves. Reverse the movement as if the string were being pulled the opposite way, rounding your back and returning to the original position.

Sit back on your heels with your knees on the ground, with your right arm placed palm down on the ground and your left tucked palm out on your back. Rotate from your mid to upper back to open to the ceiling.

Get on all fours with your spine straight to start. Keeping your upper body aligned and your lower back still, rotate your right hip and leg clockwise five times. Reverse the rotation to counterclockwise and repeat for the opposite leg.


For Free First workout or consultation click here (Thanks Men’s Health for the awesome videos and info)

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