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December 12th, 2018

As a business owners we are often willing to sacrifice our own sanity and health for the success of our future.  The internal drive, the climb, the grind can often leave us with the idea there’s just not enough time in the day to even take time for our own wellness.  Check out the list below to see if you fall into any of these scenarios:

  1. I often skip my breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner and rely on coffee and energy drinks
  2. I often feel guilt for not getting exercise in weekly
  3. When I do exercise I stick to just doing cardio machines and rush through workouts
  4. I don’t block out times in calendar for exercise or family time
  5. I feel guilt for not spending time with family so I skip exercise entirely
  6. I tell myself each year it will be my resolution to get in shape and I end up quitting after three to four weeks
  7. I give myself unrealistic deadlines on reaching peak fitness instead making a life long commitment
  8. I allow my injuries to stop me from making time to exercise rather than working around the affected areas and rehabbing the existing problems
  9. I often find myself having no will power to order healthy food when entertaining clients or work colleagues
  10. I feel I don’t need a support system or a professional’s guidance yet I continue to not doing anything to positively affect my lifestyle.

No matter what self talk your having with yourself, the first step to making a lifestyle change is acknowledging where you have been falling short, and working towards finding comfort in sharing with someone you trust whether that’s a close friend, family, or a support system like our Tampa personal trainers can provide.

Our Tampa team of experts have been working with various business owners in the Tampa Bay Area for over ten years.  Helping clients find balance between work, family, and wellness.  We understand trying to balance work, life, fitness, and eating well can feel impossible with limited hours in the day. Despite being aware of the surmounting research that regular exercise and healthy eating habits can actually reduce stress, improve individual’s energy levels and work-life balance, it’s always the first thing to fall off for many. Let our DrivenFit team help you balance work, life, and a wellness routine.

Tampa Personal Trainers -Drivenfit Team

If you are interested in getting in for a free first session with one of our expert Tampa personal trainers please feel free to book your evaluation below after completing this appointment you will also be entitled to a free demo session to see if we are a match – We look forward to meeting you soon


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