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May 10th, 2020

Our open challenges provide accountability, motivation, camaraderie as well as

*Client goal setting

*Trainer feed back

*Client expectations with checking in all activity

*Shared recipes

*Results revealed appointments

*Community board

*Penalty based pot for winners in the following brackets (most improved fitness evaluation, highest level of body fat reduction, highest level of increased muscle, most weight loss)


We are happy to announce that over 130 pounds were lost in our most recent completed challenge!

Beyond the weight loss we had improved overall health findings, improved physical fitness levels, reduced body fat, increased lean muscle, and last but not least newfound Mind-Set for many!

Building a solid community through working towards similar goal over the years has been so rewarding fo us as a wellness team not just for the clients but also for our team of practitioners as we build bonds with clients.

New sneakers DrivenFit Tampa Workout

Here are some dates on some future challenges if you want to do the next round:

Open Challenge 1 – May 11th – Jun 20th

*Focus – Mobility/Flexibility/Strength

*No entry fee

*Penalty based pot for winnings

Open Challenge 2 – June 29th – Sept 12th

*Focus – Endurance Strength + Cardiovascular

*No entry fee

*Penalty based pot for winnings

Open Challenge 3 – Sept 28th – Dec 18th

*Focus – Performance + Speed

*No entry fee

*Penalty based pot for winnings

Championship Challenge – Jan 11th – April 2nd

*Focus – All encompassing (Strength, Endurance, Speed and Agility)

*Entry Fee (TBA)

*Includes open fitness event at the end of challenge

Home Workouts

During these Stay Home times, many of us have come to realize that we end up moving far less than we should, resulting in stiffness within our joints and body.

Get Involved

We invite anyone who is looking to make an overhaul lifestyle change to join us on this challenge. As this next journey will be one of learning, growing, and accomplishing new obstacles.

Sign up for next challenge or inquire below:

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