How are you Doing with your 2022 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

February 16th, 2022

You made your New Year’s fitness resolutions! You are ready to finally lose those extra LBs you put on from the holiday festivities. Fortunately,  a new year is a perfect opportunity to get in shape. If you’ve been down this road before and have failed miserably, don’t get discouraged. It’s only February so there is plenty of time to get it right. This year don’t just set goals. Focus on how you will accomplish them. Already doubtful? No worries. We will show you how to properly set your fitness goals for 2022 and how to keep them.

Establish your fitness goals. Let’s make this very clear. Your fitness goals need to be realistic! For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, expect to lose one to two pounds per week (assuming you’re doing all the right things). If you want to gain muscle mass, shoot to add a couple of pounds per month (keeping in mind that losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is not so easy). Your goals should also be measurable, with a deadline in place (consistent tracking helps, i.e., daily weigh-ins, records of reps and sets, etc.), and attached to a specific action plan (how it’s going to get done).

Set a timeline. Take time to think about this because a deadline that is too far in the future makes it easier to abort, whereas a deadline too close can ultimately lead to burnout. We find that a few months is an adequate length of time for most fitness-related goals. That is unless you are making major changes that would require you to incorporate short-term goals into the long-term big picture.

Create a fitness goal action plan. This is by far the most important component of setting and achieving a goal! In fact, one of the biggest reasons most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February is because they don’t have a plan in place that will execute their vision. To accomplish goals, you must realize the steps it will take to get you there. And don’t worry. This action plan should be fluid as it will need to be adjusted as you progress.

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