Tips to Stay Focused When Working Out

July 17th, 2020

Between juggling work, a social life, parenting, and carving out some “me time”, we know you’re BUSY…especially in today’s crazy world! To make the most of your day, every second counts and the time spent during workouts is no exception. To do this, you’ve got to stay focused and zone out all distractions.

Too much going on in your head to shut it off? We get it, but to build strength physically, it’s going to take some mental grit as well. Follow these tips from our Tampa personal trainers to stay focused during your workouts.  


Trainer Tip #1: Be clear about your goals. 

The second you walk into the gym, you should have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve. This can be anything from winning a big race to having more defined legs or simply losing some weight! Talk to your trainer about your goals and we will help hold you accountable. 

Always be aware of the long-term goals, but set short-term goals at each training session, i.e. being able to bench press five more pounds than the week prior, run a few minutes longer, or burn more calories. 

When you achieve short-term goals week after week, the long-term goal becomes more attainable. Set your mind to the challenge and don’t let anything stop you. Focus on the goal and you can achieve it!


Trainer Tip #2: Train at the right time. 

People always say to not bring your problems home from work. Well, you shouldn’t bring them to the gym either. Schedule your workouts during a time of day that is dedicated to fitness and nothing else. 

For instance, if it’s impossible to turn off the stress during or after a workday, then workout first thing in the morning. If intense exercise relieves your stress after a tough day at the office, plan to work out after work. No matter what time you choose, make sure it’s when you also have the most energy and enthusiasm to work towards your goal.


Trainer Tip #3: Create a playlist that matches your intensity. 

Music motivates; there’s nothing like a great playlist to help get you focused! The playlist must match the intensity of your workout.

Skip over anything that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the zone. Focus on positive vibrations and keep your heart and muscles pumping to the beat. 


Trainer Tip #4: Embrace each exercise fully.

If you don’t completely focus on your form, your risk for injury increases significantly! Be aware of proper execution for each exercise, especially before you start applying intensity. 

Mentally connect with the muscles performing each exercise and feel the muscles working throughout the movement. When you focus on your technique, you eliminate distractions and keep the attention on your training goals. Work with a personal trainer, use the mirrors in the gym to check your form, listen to your muscles, and track your progress to motivate you to push harder! 


Trainer Tip #5: Maintain a program. 

Always go into each workout with a set game plan. When you don’t know what you’re doing next, you’re opening yourself up to tons of distractions. 

Focus! Maintain a program and workout log that catalogs your training sessions or work one-on-one with a trainer. You’ll want to track what machines you’re using, the amount of weight, tempo, rest periods, etc. This will allow you to move deliberately and make the most of your time in the gym. 


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