The Truth on Low Carb Diets

May 20th, 2020

You may think that low carb dieting is a fad but that is far from the truth.  Low carb eating has been around for years with the first low carb book published by William Banting in 1863 (#funfact)!  You will find many misconceptions regarding low carb diets with the continuing argument on whether this way of eating is optimal or harmful 

Scientific studies have shown a low-carb way of eating can be effective under some circumstances.  So, what is the actual truth about low carb eating?  Keep reading while we chow down on some facts.


The Skinny on a Low Carb Diet 

On this eating plan, you are decreasing carbs which lower insulin levels, and this causes the body to burn stored fat for energy, ultimately leading to weight reduction.  

In the beginning, you will be losing mostly water weight as your body releases sodium. Just like any diet you are restricting certain food groups, macronutrients, or calories. 


Is Low Carb Just Another Name for Keto?  

A low carb plan will push your body into ketosis, not to be confused with ketoacidosis.  With physiologic ketosis,ketones are produced from stored fat to provide an additional energy source for the brain 

Whereas ketoacidosis is a dangerous metabolic state that mainly happens in unmanaged type 1 diabetes. It involves your bloodstream getting flooded with massive amounts of ketones, enough to turn your blood acidic.   

However, this is entirely different from the ketosis caused by a low-carb diet, which is a healthy metabolic state.  For help better understanding these concepts give our nutrition and meal planning team a call or text at (813) 440-3016. 


Benefits of Low Carb Diets 

Along with shedding a ton of excess water with low carb eating you will also shed unwanted body fat, especially from the abdominal area and liver.  

With parts of your brain using ketones for fueling your body can then produce the little glucose that other parts of your brain still need. many people report having even better brain function on a low-carb diet after the early adaptation phase.  By reducing gut fat, low-carb diets may also decrease heart disease risk factors. 

The main benefit of low-carb diets is that you will obtain weight loss inevitably. Most enjoy not counting calories or controlling portions with this way of eating and even find themselves eating less because they feel full.  

Low-carb diets also tend to be high in protein, which boosts metabolism, causing a slight increase in the number of calories you burn.   Remember you should follow a meal plan that best suits your body’s needs and goals.   

For help with your food planning and a free virtual training session reach out to Team Driven here! 

Potential Pitfalls of Low Carb Living 

All diets can come with risks, especially if not followed properly.  When starting any new meal regimen, you may experience several temporary health effects, and drastically cutting carbs is no different.  You’ll want to make sure to speak with your doctor before starting a new diet program.  

Once you’ve gotten the okay, you may experience some of these temporary side effects when you start a low carb diet: 

  • Headaches 
  • Bad breath 
  • Weakness 
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Fatigue 
  • Skin rash 
  • Constipation or diarrhea 

 We can help you with suggestions on how to overcome these effects of the diet.  Low-carb diets also tend to be high in cholesterol and fat, including saturated fat.   


 Trainer Tip: Be sure to choose your meats wisely!  Are you a vegan?  We have some great meatless choices of protein here. 

Final Thoughts to Chew on 

Low-carb diets are highly effective for people with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes for weight loss.  However, losing weight is not always the goal and this way of eating can have other significant health benefits  

Ketosis has been linked to having therapeutic effects in treating cancer, Alzheimer’s, and epilepsy. To achieve your health and wellness goals reach out to one of our experts with a call or text to DrivenFit+SWS in South Tampa at (813) 440-3016 we will find the diet and exercise plan that best suits you. 

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