Why Have a Virtual Workout Party

October 7th, 2020

Think you can’t get motivated by working out virtually? Think again! Since we opened the doors to our South Tampa studio, virtual training has always been offered to our busy clients as a convenient and flexible means to exercise.  

And then came Covid-19….

Today, virtual training has allowed us to deliver effective, personalized one-on-one training while we practice social distancing to stop the spread of this global pandemic. One of our favorite parts of virtual training with DrivenFit?! Workout parties! Here’s why everyone needs to have one (or at least attend one): 


A New Way to Connect 

Since the pandemic changed life as we all knew it, going virtual has become a large part of our new normal. What hasn’t changed is our need to interact with friends, family members, and coworkers, thus leaving us on a constant journey to find new ways to connect. Enter virtual workout parties. 

We’re not saying Zoom happy hours are a thing of the past, we’re just saying that this is another (healthier) way to connect. 


“My virtual training sessions at DrivenFit are

 just as challenging and motivating as

 if I were in the studio with my trainer.”- Leimomia


The trainers at Driven Fit have years of experience in training clients virtually. Call/text our South Tampa fitness studio to learn more (813) 440-3016!


Seeing Results with Virtual Training 

Our philosophy is that no matter where our clients are, we can provide a complete, customized virtual personal training experience that will get results! 

And just as we’ve seen in regular group training or semi-private personal training sessions, virtual workout parties offered by Driven Fit are a great way to get motivated and push yourself to the limit.  


Virtual Training at Driven Fit

Clients who take part in one of our virtual workout parties will experience the same work-out as if it were in our studio. 

Party benefits include: 

  • Customizable personal training – with your friends and family – from anywhere in the world 
  • Minimal setup required *Just a yoga mat or any exercise equipment you have around the house, and you can get creative! We’ve seen people use bags of flour for weights!
  • Real-time interaction with trainers 
  • Real-time form and technique analysis


Have an Intense, FUN Work-Out

If you haven’t yet experienced a virtual training session, you may have reservations about the level of intensity. Don’t worry, we’ll bring it. That’s what we do! At Driven Fit, we promise that your virtual training experience will be just as effective as if you were coming to the gym. 

Stay fit and have fun working out with your friends. Our virtual workout parties make it that much more of an enjoyable and motivational experience. Learn more about the virtual training options offered at Driven Fit in South Tampa, call or text (813) 440-3016!  


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