Will Acupuncture Hurt?

April 3rd, 2019

It’s natural to assume that getting stuck with needles is going to hurt, but to the astonishment of many happy clients, acupuncture is actually quite painless. This doesn’t mean you’ll feel nothing, but if you’re wondering will acupuncture hurt? Not so much. Our wellness experts share more on this ancient healing technique and what you can expect.

What Does Acupuncture Feel Like

While a feeling of sharpness from an acupuncture needle can happen, for the most part, acupuncture should be a comfortable experience. What you may feel is a kind of sensation at the site of the needling. It is at this point, when a person literally feels an acupuncture point working, de qi occurs. This is when the acupuncture needle has assessed the energetic material that it will move through the body.

At Driven Fit + Sponaugle Wellness Center, our experienced acupuncturist will explain the process prior to your treatment and will want you to speak up about any discomfort or pain. If you do feel sharpness beyond the level of a mild mosquito bite, the acupuncturist will try needling the point again or may simply remove the needle if the area has become too sensitive.

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What to Expect During Acupuncture

Not sure what to expect from your acupuncture treatments? There are 5 common sensations that may occur, including:

  1. Heaviness – When the needle is inserted, it can often feel like a weight in being placed in that area. This should be a sensation of calming rather than discomfort.
  2. Ache – It is not uncommon for an achy sensation to occur at the needling site, however, it typically goes away after a few seconds. This is 100% normal, but at times can feel intense (especially on points that are located on the hands and feet). Again, make sure to tell your Tamp acupuncturist if it’s too strong, and they will adjust the stimulation.
  3. Electric – This sounds scary, but at times, the needling of certain acupuncture points can feel like you’re being shocker or zapped. If you are to feel this sensation, please do not worry as that jolt will quickly disappear.
  4. Tingly – Acupuncture points can cause tingling at the needling site as well as throughout the body. This can happen immediately upon needle insertion or while you’re resting with the needles.
  5. Warmth – Sometimes a minute or two after the needle is inserted, you may feel a spreading sensation of warmth around the acupuncture point. It should feel pleasant, almost as if heating pads are being applied to your body.

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Try Acupuncture

Interested in giving acupuncture a try? Contact our South Tampa Wellness Studio for more info on our acupuncture treatments!

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