Are You Chasing the Sweat?

February 4th, 2019

How many of you expect to be drenched in sweat by the end of a workout ?  Is this really necessary though? …Absolutely not. Your workouts should not be gauged on how much you sweat. Some people tend to sweat more than other. So, just because you don’t sweat a lot does not mean you are not getting in a good workout.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As we workout, our body’s get warm and the warmer you are the more likely you are to sweat. But by no means is sweating directly correlated to burning fat.

We see all the time in Tampa people quoting “sweat is your fat crying”, but is it really though?? Scientifically, sweat is the body’s way of regulating your core body temperature. As your core body temperature rises above the normal threshold, your nervous system will send signals to your sweat glands to release “sweat” in effort to cool off your body.

Some exercises require more of a controlled movement with heavier weights and longer rest periods. Because of this, you may not sweat during your workout. But this does not mean there is no work being done. Incorporating strength, endurance, and even recovery/mobility routines to your workouts are extremely beneficial to your body and health.

Chasing the sweat and the high-intensity routine isn’t always necessary for you to see results. Sometimes, you need to incorporate recovery & mobility routines to help prevent muscle tightness and injury.

Here is a list of some great mobility exercises that can benefit anyone from athletes to IT techs. These exercises are great for preventing muscle tightness, injuries, and making sure your body is moving in all planes of motion.






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