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January 30th, 2019

Still haven’t tackled that New Year’s resolution to exercise regularly and to live a healthier lifestyle?Okay, so you procrastinated but it’s not too late to get started! Fortunately, there are many ways you can still make 2019 your healthiest year yet with pro trainer tips from Driven Fit. Check it out…

Tip #1: Go in With a Positive Attitude

First things first, in order to have a successful training regiment, you need to have the right mental attitude.  

Don’t look at exercise as a quick fix to improve your physical appearance, but a lifestyle change.  Set realistic goals. Once you have the true goal in mind (ex. stay healthy or live longer), your focus can shift from an ‘I want this body’ mindset. Once you accomplish those goals, set more!

Tip #2: Add Weight Training to Your Exercise Regiment

You may think that weight training will make you bulky, but combining weight training with cardio exercises, such as walking, running and biking, can help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals faster.

If you’re new to weight training, start with basic reps on lighter weights, and work your way up to heavier weights.  A great routine to start with is doing ten minutes of moderate cardio and one to two sets of weight exercises targeting different muscle groups.    

Tips #3: Boost Your Metabolism

Burn some calories with high-intensity interval workout training! This type of interval workout is amazing for boosting your metabolism, which helps you to lose weight quicker.  The goal is to get your heart rate up and then take a break.

At Driven Fit, you can sprint on our True Form. You can use the Total Body Keiser Bike. You can climb the Jacobs Ladder. You can incorporate Full Body Movements. It’s all technically HIIT, as long as it’s intense and with appropriate work to rest ratios depending on if your beginner or advanced.

Please note: if you have health conditions such as heart disease, you should consult with your doctor prior to attempting high-intensity workouts.

Tip #4: Hire a Trainer

When you’re not accustomed to going to the gym regularly, it can be intimidating.  While taking classes such as yoga, Zumba, etc. can get you some support. Please keep in mind adding one-on-one attention will complement any of the above-mentioned classes by improving your muscular balance while adding customized road map.

That’s why it’s a great idea to hire a personal trainer who will get you started on the right track. Our fitness experts will work with you to make sure your routine is a good match for your body and fitness goals.  

Tip #5:  Have Fun!

The best way to keep a consistent workout regimen is to have fun!  Finding ways to enjoy your exercise will help you stick to a program. Try joining a fun group class, playing a sport, or running with a group. Even just listening to your favorite music while you work out can help you stay engaged in your workout. 

Make 2019 your happiest yet and improve your quality of life this year. Are you ready to get started? At Driven Fit, we offer private training as well as semi-private training and will help you get started on a workout routine that fits your fitness goals and lifestyle. For more information, please contact our South Tampa personal trainers at (813) 440-3016.

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