4.5 Ways to Trick Yourself into a more Intense Workout

October 18th, 2019

Fitness is certainly a mental game! If you believe it, trust us, you can achieve it. Sometimes we can all use a little trick to make us push harder. Fall into fitness with a more intense workout session with these 4 ½ tips (yes, you read that right) from our personal trainers!

Find a Distraction

Sometimes, it’s hard not to continuously count the clock during your workout. Dragging it minute by minute, which means it’s a time to find a way to distract yourself! Music is a great way to motivate you to a more intense workout session. Amp it up with upbeat songs that you’ll want to move to!

Want something other than the usual tunes? Studies showed multitasking during exercise could be beneficial both mentally and physically. Try repeating lists, playing mental games like tic-tac-toe, recite multiplication tables to distract yourself into a better workout. Permission to go ahead and brainstorm that project for a client while on the rowing machine –it may be a way to push you!

Repeat a Mantra

Mind over matter! Your brain drives everything and is constantly seconds ahead telling the body what to do and what not to do.

Your brain may pull you back from what your body can do and take on more. Teach your brain to get the body to go harder with a mantra. Repeating it can push you to a more intense workout. Plus, it could distract you from the clock a bit.


Pro Tip: slowly push yourself past your perceived max. Right when you feel like you’re losing gas, start repeating your mantra to push you through.


Your mantra should inspire you to keep moving when you feel like you want to stop. Keep it short so you can easily remember and mentally repeat it when needed.

Try a Tabata or HIIT Workout

Torch calories with these high-intensity workouts! Why they work? You keep it short with shorter bursts of intense effort. You can handle 20 seconds of hard work – trust.

Plus, a Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study found that if you work out in shorter intervals instead of longer stretches, it feels easier!

Learn more about it and try it out!*

Pyramid Training

Work your way from the top down so the hardest reps are behind you! You’ve already done the hardest part and are generally working in 45-, 30-, and 15-second intervals.

By starting at the max, the later reps feel at least a little easier since you’ve already pushed yourself past that point before!

Work with a Personal Trainer

We count this as the half tip, because duh. Clearly, one of the best ways to have a more intense workout is to have someone who can work with you!

As personal trainers, we will:

  • Watch your form
  • Push you when needed
  • Establish overall fitness goal
  • Create a plan for every time you exercise

Fitness shouldn’t be random-especially when you’re training for a triathlon, sport, or fight. You should always have a goal for your workout and our personal trainers will create a plan for how you’re going to achieve it!

What are you waiting for? The first workout at our South Tampa gym is FREE and we can help you kick it up a notch with your workouts! Call or text Team Driven now!


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*Just you know, check with your doctor first.

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