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Virtual Personal Training – A Counter Punch by DrivenFit20

Virtual Training Video DrivenFit Tampa

To all our DrivenFit Family While some can afford to take the next few weeks off their regular routines with exercise, there are others that simply cannot – for health


AVOID RISKS, TAKE PRECAUTIONS, AND WASH YOUR HANDS. COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. That’s why we want to assure our private members that we are taking appropriate preventive measures as

Sciatica: Pain Triggers and Treatment

Sciatica: Pain Triggers and Treatment Driven Personal Training

Sciatica pain is an aching pain that affects the sciatic nerve – a large nerve that extends from the lower back and down the back of each leg. Those who

Is the Vegan Diet the Only Diet to Reach Supreme Health?

Two Trays of Vegan Food is it the best diet

Going vegan seems to be the hot new diet trend in today’s diet world. Celebrities are constantly singing its praise, claiming that veganism is the answer to becoming instantly slim,

Active Senior Lifestyle Tips

Active Senior Lifestyle Tips Driven Fit Tampa

In a recent census, baby boomers (ages 65 and up) accounted for nearly 13% of the population! Today people are living longer than any other time in history. Fortunately, growing

At What Age Should My Child Start Exercising?

when can kids start exercising

As adults, we’re well aware of the many benefits to exercise. What you may not realize is how important it is for your child too. Regular exercise is a powerful

Getting Rid of and Relieving Sore Muscles

Chiropractic FAQs Dr Sarah Hyde Park Tampa Chiropractor

We hear it all the time, people think that soreness is a sign of a great workout. Not always true by the way…If aiming for soreness as a sign of

How Soft Tissue Therapy Treats Scar Tissue

Instrument Assisted Therapy IASTM Driven SWS South Tampa

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy (IASTM) is an innovative treatment. It can be used after injury or surgery to reduce the formation and appearance of scars and to break down

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage for Your Employees

corporate wellness chair massage tampa

There are many reasons why corporate chair massage is an increasingly popular trend in today’s workplace. No longer is massage just a relaxing treat, studies show that it can make

Unexpected Valentine’s Day 2020 Date Ideas

outdoor yoga session

Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day celebrations? Whether you’re flying solo, coupled up, somewhere in between or just looking for a fun V-Day activity with your best buds, Valentine’s

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