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3D Body Scanning at DrivenFit

3D Body Scanner Fitness Goals DrivenFit

At DrivenFit, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the latest technological advances in fitness and total body wellness. We love our gadget, the Stkyu S100 3D Body Scanner! This

How to Protect Your Neck While Exercising

avoiding neck pain while exercising

Moved the wrong way while training and now your neck hurts? Ouch! Because the neck is a delicate region made up of complex bones and muscles, it is a hot

Prenatal Massage Therapy

prenatal massage therapy pregnancy aches and pains

A professional massage can melt away your aches and pain along with giving you an overall improved mind and body experience.  Well, prenatal massage is no different in the results area.  Except

South Tampa Outdoor and Virtual Workouts

Personal Training Options in Tampa Driven SWS

As always, the wellness of our staff and clients is our top priority – especially as we reopen our doors after the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, we are

Massage Therapy for Golfers

golf swing golfer after sports massage

Want to improve your golf game? Try therapeutic massage therapy at Driven Fit + Sponaugle! This specific form of massage focuses on relaxing the back, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, and

The Truth on Low Carb Diets

low carb meal diet and exercise driven fit sws

You may think that low carb dieting is a fad but that is far from the truth.  Low carb eating has been around for years with the first low carb book

How Virtual Training Gets Results

virtual training online personal trainer tampa fl

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to take the “gym” inside their homes, but virtual training sessions have been a part of the Driven Fit model since our inception! For us, it

DrivenFit Challenges Tampa Bay

fitness challenge check in Driven Fit Tampa FL

Our open challenges provide accountability, motivation, camaraderie as well as *Client goal setting *Trainer feed back *Client expectations with checking in all activity *Shared recipes *Results revealed appointments *Community board

Tampa Bay Aquatics & Tampa Prep Virtual Bootcamp

During these times of COVID 19 Our company has decided to give back to those that have been restricted from their everyday routine to include daily exercise. We have selected

Stress: How Acupuncture Can Help

Woman getting Acupuncture to help with weight loss DrivenFit

Dealing with an extra dose of stress these days? You’re not alone. Between balancing work, homeschooling the kids, and other commitments, your stress levels are likely through the roof! What you

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