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Torch Fat and Build Strength with Kettlebells

Kettlebells…these cannonball-type weights have become an extremely popular strength training alternative to traditional barbells, dumbbells, and resistance machines. And it’s no wonder! Working out with kettlebells offers a TON of

Benefits of a Wellness-Focused Workplace Culture

Americans work, and we work hard. In fact, a study by the International Labor Organization showed that 86% of American men and 67% percent of American women work more than

Lululemon Mirror: Pros and Cons

The Mirror Workouts Pros Cons DrivenFit SWS Tampa

“Connected fitness” has been growing in popularity for years. These fitness products involve streamed, on-demand virtual workouts and are branded to essentially handle everything a brick-and-mortar gym can. You’ve got

How We Treat the Pain: Trigger Point Therapy

Tampa Chiropractor Helps Achieve Fitness Goals

From time to time, you may get those mysterious, weird knots in your neck, shoulders, and/or back that seem to show up out of nowhere. These are called trigger points

Acupuncture with Chronic Stiff Neck

Suffering from chronic stiff neck? You’re not alone! In fact, at Driven Fit +SWS, we often treat this common condition through acupuncture – an age-old form of Chinese medicine which

Stay Fit This Fall

fall fitness DrivenFit Tampa, FL Boutique Gym

With darker days and all the seasonal comfort food (hello, pumpkin everything), it gets a little more difficult to stick to our healthy routine during fall. Now is the time

Why Have a Virtual Workout Party

virtual workout parties DrivenFit training

Think you can’t get motivated by working out virtually? Think again! Since we opened the doors to our South Tampa studio, virtual training has always been offered to our busy

Tackling Tennis Elbow Pain

tennis elbow pain Driven Fit SWS South Tampa Gym

Despite its name, tennis elbow can occur without ever having picked up a tennis racket! In fact, it is one of the most common conditions we see in clients who

Core Exercises to Make You a Better Runner

running race core exercises to set a PR DrivenFit Tampa

Are you looking to become a better runner, go longer distances, and hit that personal best? You got this! Here’s the thing. To improve your performance as a runner, you

How Acupuncture Can Help Infertility

Tampa acupuncturist science behind acupuncture

Acupuncture has been long proven by several scientific studies to be one of the most viable and effective alternative methods for overall well-being and healing. It is used to treat

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